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Treble Peak for
Fund Managers

Grow your investor base and AUM without increasing your capitalisation table.

Helping fund managers pool together their small investors and widen their distribution reach.

Investors onboarded from 19 countries

20+ fund closes and capital calls managed

Average investment of £235,000

Accept smaller investors without the admin

Our platform pools together multiple smaller ticket investors into our nominee. Our nominee invests in the Fund as a single Limited Partner. Typical investors include friends and family, wealth managers with smaller client tickets and the individuals behind your institutional investors.

Multiple investors complete commitments from £100,000
Commitments are pooled together in a nominee to form a single LP. Treble Peak onboards investors, provides reporting and manages capital calls for all underlying investors
The fund manager receives a single subscription from the nominee and provides reporting to the single LP (nominee) .

Branded onboarding and subscription portal

We can provide you with a branded onboarding portal. Our team handle the AML/KYC and provide your investors with a seamless and simple digital subscription process. Often completed in under 10 minutes, with a support team available if they get stuck.

Capital management at scale

You issue capital calls to us as a single Limited Partner. We break down the requirements for the underlying investors and the platform issues, tracks and manages the drawdown notices and instructions. This enables scale and eliminates errors.

Comprehensive reporting

Our platform integrates directly with our custodian and administrator. This means investors get up to date reporting on their commitments as we receive reporting from you. A portfolio is dynamically displayed in the platform and reports easily exported as PDFs.

Access our distribution network

Connect with a diverse mix of parties actively seeking new growth opportunities – from private investors to wealth managers, private banks, family offices and more.

Our network covers the UK, Europe and beyond.


Why Treble Peak?

Seemless investor experience

Cost-effective solution

FCA regulated


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