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Private markets

made possible.

Private markets were once the preserve of large institutions and the ultra-wealthy. Not anymore. We connect professional investors and wealth managers with leading European venture capital and private equity opportunities.


Why Private Markets?

According to historical data, private markets offer higher returns potential than public markets. They also give you access to a far greater range of opportunities, while offering exposure to innovative enterprises at an early stage of growth.

Because of their low correlation with public markets, private markets are an attractive means of diversification. Thanks to lower investment minimums, simpler subscriptions and innovative technology, these assets have never been more accessible.

Why Treble Peak?

We make private markets more transparent and accessible, removing the usual barriers to entry and connecting you with Europe’s leading venture capital and private equity managers.

Thanks to our unique aggregator solution, we are able to accept commitments from just £100,000, all via a quick, simple digital subscription process, while keeping investor fees to a minimum.

Unlock private markets
with Treble Peak


Fund Philosophy

Our systematic, data-driven approach to fund selection combines strategic risk mitigation with the pursuit of growth, while staying true to four key principles.

Domain expertise

Each fund partner has a deep, focused understanding of their specialist domain, and holds true to that “DNA”.

Track record

Sustained success over time provides compelling evidence of a team’s consistency, stability, purpose and depth of expertise.

Alignment of interests

The principals of each team are closely involved in its daily running, and their rewards depend on value creation.


When smart, demanding investors favour a particular manager, it creates healthy streams of capital while maximising accountability.

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