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How it

Our market leading technology delivers a simple end-to-end digital investment process for wealth managers and professional investors.

Reducing investment minimums

We partner with funds that typically have a minimum investment of €1m. You can now access these funds from €100,000 through our unique aggregator model.

Multiple investors complete commitments from £100,000
Commitments are pooled together in a nominee to form a single LP. Treble Peak onboards investors, provides reporting and manages capital calls for all underlying investors
The fund manager receives a single subscription from the nominee and provides reporting to the single LP (nominee) .

Investment process

Treble Peak’s digital solution streamlines the end-to-end investment process, from investor onboarding to reporting.

Create an

Create a private investor account online or contact us for a wealth manager account.

Review investment opportunities

Review key highlights and register interest through the platform.


Complete, sign and submit applications digitally.

Monitor and

Access reporting, facilitate capital calls and manage your portfolio securely in the platform.

Capital calls
and distributions

We mirror the capital calls and distributions of the fund. What that means is that as an investor you are likely to be asked to fund your commitment through capital calls over the first few years of the fund’s lifecycle. As the fund has realisations and makes distributions, these will be paid back to you. We’ll facilitate the process securely through the platform.

Fund reporting

All reporting received from the fund will be broken down to an individual portfolio level and made available in the platform. Point in time PDF reporting can be generated and customised if required.

Typical investor fees

To give more investors access to private markets we are committed to keeping fees to a minimum. Separate from the Fund’s fees, any investor coming through our aggregator solution will only pay ongoing reporting and custodian fees on committed capital.

0.20% p.a. third party custodian fee
0.20% % p.a. platform reporting fee

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