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About Treble Peak

Who is Treble Peak?

Treble Peak is a digital platform providing wealth managers and sophisticated investors with private market investment opportunities from Europe’s leading Venture Capital and Private Equity funds.

Is Treble Peak regulated?

Treble Peak is a trading name of CoInvestor Limited. CoInvestor Limited is registered in England under company number 07233697 and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under firm registration number 747676.

When did Treble Peak start

The Treble Peak platform launched in the summer of 2022. However, the technology behind Treble Peak was built by CoInvestor Limited and has been in development since 2016.

Can Treble Peak provide advice?

No, Treble Peak does not offer investment advice. We encourage all investors to seek independent, qualified advice before making a decision to allocate to any products on the platform.

Does Treble Peak hold client money?

No, all client money is held by our custodian partner Mainspring Fund Services.

What differentiates Treble Peak?

Treble Peak provides access to leading boutique managers that are ordinarily only available direct with an average minimum ticket of £1,000,000. Treble Peak’s model for enabling smaller investments makes the platform meaningfully cheaper for the end investor.

What security steps does Treble Peak?

Treble Peak’s platform software is subjected to external penetration testing annually (last performed 28 Feb 2023). Security audit logs aggregated and monitored through SIEM solution to alert on suspicious behaviour. The company is IASME Cyber Essentials Plus certified. 2FA is available for all platform users.

Investment process

Who can invest?

Private investors must meet the criteria and elect to be treated as Professional Clients as set out by the FCA in COBS 3.5. Treble Peak has dedicated Institutional accounts for FCA regulated Wealth Mangers to allocate on behalf of their clients.

What types of funds are available on the platform?

Treble Peak offers a range of private markets product across different strategies and regions, for example: seed stage venture capital, growth stage venture capital, mid-market private equity, secondaries, debt and co-investments.

How much does an investor need to invest?

Our minimum investment is £100,000 or €100,000 depending on the currency of the fund.

How does Treble Peak select funds?

Led by our Chief Investment Officer, Treble Peak has set out a bespoke framework for assessing private market opportunities. Products that meet our criteria are put to our Platform Engagement Committee for review and sign off before any onboarding takes place. For more information visit the how it works page.

Can an investor speak to a fund manager?

Yes, we regularly host meet the manager events – in person and online. For more information or if you would like to speak to a manager directly, please contact our investor relations manager Billy Harris,

How does the Treble Peak aggregator work?

The Treble Peak aggregator works by pooling together multiple commitments through a nominee to form a single Limited Partners. MNL (Treble Peak) Nominees is the Limited Partner that invests in the fund.

What are the benefits of the Treble Peak aggregator?

By using a nominee structure and not a feeder fund, Treble Peak can keep investor fees to a minimum.

How are investors charged?

Fees will vary depending on the Fund Manager. However, typically the investor will pay an annual reporting fee of 0.20% and an annual custodian fee of 0.20% on their commitment.

When is capital called?

Treble Peak will mirror the capital calls issued by the fund manager. Generally speaking, an investors’ commitment will be called over the first three years of the fund’s life.

When is a distribution paid?

As and when a fund exits its position in companies a distribution will be paid back to the investor. As with capital calls, Treble Peak will mirror the distribution schedule of the fund.

How do investors access reporting?

Typically, funds will provide reporting quarterly. Treble Peak will match the reporting schedule of the fund and give investors a detailed breakdown of their portfolio – available in the platform and exportable as PDFs,

Can investors make withdrawals?

Investments in private funds are generally illiquid and capital cannot be withdrawn. Investors should be prepared to hold the investment for its full term which could be 10 years or more.

How is performance measured?

Fund managers will use a combination of metrics to outline the performance of past funds and set targets for open funds. For example:

Internal Rate of Return (IRR): Measures the profitability and potential return on investment over time.

Multiple on Invested Capital (MOIC): Represents the ratio of the total distributions to limited partners to the total invested capital.

Net Asset Value (NAV): Reflects the current market value of the fund’s investments minus any liabilities.

Distributions to Paid-In (DPI): Measures the proportion of distributed cash to limited partners relative to the total contributed capital.

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