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At Treble Peak, we aim to provide our investors with a selection of top-quartile VC and private equity fund managers in line with our fund selection philosophy.  

Taking this into consideration, we are excited to introduce our investors to Pontaq VC, the first venture capital fund manager focused on the UK-India corridor. Launched in 2015, Pontaq VC has a USP of helping portfolio companies to transfer technology cross-border between the UK and India, with the team having invested in 120 early-stage technology businesses since launch. 

The Pontaq team includes experienced venture capital investors, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives who have a strong track record in establishing, building, and nurturing small and medium-sized tech enterprises. With the team’s experience in scaling start-ups and their established network within the start-up sector, Pontaq VC is uniquely positioned to help its portfolio companies expand globally. 

To learn more please get in touch or create a platform account. 

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