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At Treble Peak  our goal is to identify firms that excel in VC and growth equity investing. Although excellence shares some common characteristics it comes in many shapes and from many places. We have pleasure in introducing our investors to Idékapital, a firm based in Oslo with a very strong heritage in venture capital investing. Not only does the firm have an outstanding track record, they have all the necessary conditions to give us confidence that this is something that they can repeat.

Idékapital focus is B2B software, software that solves real problems for firms globally (‘must have’ not ‘nice to have’). For a number of reasons Norway has vibrant venture capital eco-system, and Idékapital was one of the first to help these nascent companies to flourish and critically to deliver strong returns to their investors.  Idékapital is superbly well connected not just in the venture space but also in the listed space with a number of partners holding board positions in some of Norway’s biggest companies. Idékapital is a big fish in a relatively small pond and has a strong following from other smart investors.

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