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Private markets
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Private Markets were once the preserve of large institutions and the ultra-wealthy. We’re changing that for good.


Why private markets?

We connect professional investors and wealth managers with leading European venture capital and private equity opportunities.

Historically higher performance

Over the long term, private equity and venture capital funds have consistently outperformed the public market.

A chance to harness intensive growth

Private markets offer increased access to innovative companies in the dynamic early stages of growth.

A radically expanded investable universe

Over 70% of US and European companies with revenue over $10m aren’t listed on public exchanges.

Effective portfolio diversification

Thanks to their low correlation with the public market, private equity and venture capital investments play a key role in diversifying risk.

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Treble Peak gives wealth managers and professional investors access to leading European private market managers.

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How we select our
fund manager partners

The components of our fund selection philosophy

Domain expertise:

We look for teams with deep expertise of their domain. Success tends to be a collective effort, so team stability and experience is important. We look for teams that have worked together over a long period of time and remain true to their DNA.

Track record:

We want to see evidence that this domain expertise has been successfully translated into tangible returns for investors. This is not just about numbers but evidence that the teams have built the infrastructure to sustain success.

Alignment of interests:

We like firms where the principals remain involved in the day-to-day investment decisions, where their focus is primarily investing not fund raising; where the fund has insider capital and where success is determined by LP value creation not GP fee generation.

3rd party validation:

Smart investors are attracted to smart firms. We like to see evidence of some stability in the investor base, including repeat investments and/or the presence of ‘smart anchor capital’.

We partner with leading European private market managers

“Treble Peak has given me smooth access to some of the best managers in the UK. Successfully, I have made two key investments for my portfolio through the platform this year”

Simon Franco, CEO of Aken Capital

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